Our Charism, seal, vision and mission


The heart represents love of God and all humanity.

The cross represents the desire to bring glory to God through faithful following of Christ by seeking and doing his will.

The openness of the seal is intended to reflect openness of heart and mind to God, to brothers and sisters, to neighbors and to the signs of the time.


The congregation is originated as a response to a pressing need of the time to extend their care to the patients who were mentally disoriented and invalids in the City general hospital of Cologne, Germany. Our four founder sisters were already nuns who belonged to two already existing reputed Congregations of the Cellitinnens in Cologne. They were challenged to leave their comfortable zones to respond to the call of God because they saw the suffering Lord in the face of those patients who were ill treated and neglected. They endured great suffering in the hands of hospital and city administration for almost three decades for love of the Lord who called them. Their strength was the compassionate love they exercised generously for the patients who were entrusted to their care. We follow their footsteps today through various ministries we undertake in different parts of the country and outside.

Our Charism: Moved by the compassionate love of God we respond to the signs of the time.

Vision: We the Augustinian sisters interiorize and radiate the compassionate love of Christ in our lives and ministry as free beings under grace.

Mission: To commit ourselves to direct our lives and actions bringing Christ to the people and people to Christ for a fuller life.

Goal: Live our consecrated life and Charism more meaningfully

Our Convents